Leader Create More Leaders


Maybe you have read that quote before, maybe some agrees with that, but unfortunately not many actually believe with that quote. Because if you are a leader who believe in that quote, then you will do what you believe in.

no matter how much we know but how much we understand of what we know

If you truly believe that a leader must create new leaders, then mentoring such candidates are not an option, but rather an obligation as a leader. That’s what differentiate between a leader and a boss. A boss create followers, not leaders. A boss don’t responsible to create leaders. So if you act like a boss, don’t expect your subordinate will treat you as a leader. You will be their boss, not their leader.

The problem is it is not easy to mentor future leaders, especially when the company or your startup is in emerging phase. But I can say that this is fight worth fighting for. Your startup will experience exponential growth when you work with bunch of leaders rather than bunch of followers.

There are 4 I’s that you can use to mentor the future leaders:

  1. Identify
    You need to identify the right person to be mentored as leader. Getting wrong leaders are more fatal than getting wrong followers. Identify using FAST; which stands for Faithful person, with Ability and capability to perform their jobs, Submissive and Teachable person. There is nothing more important for leader than the attitude to learn and teachable.

  2. Impartation
    Once you successfully identified you next leader with FAST, then the next step is to impart and equip them. Reward their loyalty with sincerity, their capabilities with your leadership, their obedience shall make you become better listener, and their hinger to learn with your intention.

  3. Instruction
    Is not simply giving orders or work to do, but delegating with sharp clarity and responsibility. Start the process with:
    I do - you watch;
    I do you help,
    You do - I help, and
    You do - I watch.
    That’s way leadership is not about position, but about becoming a role model for your future leaders under you.

  4. Internship
    Finally, leadership is not something you can get by sitting nicely and listening, but by moving and acting. Therefore, it is necessary to give the change and platform for the next leader to develop their responsibility, their sense of belonging, and their leadership, including a change for failure. Failure teaches more things than we can imagine, and most of the time is the fastest way someone can learn.

Success is a validation of what we learned from failures after failures.

There is no easy way to create a new leader, and you (as a leader) too are learning to elevate your leadership level.

Leadership is not about authority, it is about willingness, because leadership means serving.

Joh Juda

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